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This is where I should tell you about myself, right? 


I love news. I grew up wanting to be a reporter, except for a few years when I thought being a paleontologist was all the rage. I was that kid at 10 years old who would get up at 5am to watch the morning news and then cartoons before school. My mom encouraged it, having dabbled in journalism herself, she was great about fostering that spark in me.


I started in radio, worked on air, hosted a little show called Radio Sci-Fi from 2000-2004. It was syndicated in 30-something markets. I got paid to talk about video games and movies. Who knew that could be a thing.


After getting my degree at the University of Central Florida in Mass Communications, I made my way to television, but decided producing was more my style. First with the local news stations (WESH 2 News in Orlando, NBC 15 in Mobile, you'll see a trend here), then 30 Rock called. I did it, mom, I made it to the big leagues. I settled in at NBC Network News as a permalancer. Fancy phrasing for a girl of all trades. 


Saw a lot. Learned a lot. Had a hell of a time. It's hard to explain the news world to anyone who hasn't lived it. It's nothing like you think it is or see on TV, except it is all those things, and more.


After nearly five years with the Peacock, I decided it was time for a change and headed out West to try my hand in the wild world of entertainment. It's where I got my start, and it felt like the Right Thing To Do.


And here I am, back on air, and enjoying everything LA has to offer. I spend a lot of time breaking down the pop in culture. Video games and cinema are still my forte. I've had regular runs on some amazing programs, like TYT's What The Flick?! and created and produced a few shows of my own: Marvel Movie News; Cosplay Coach; Bits You Missed. 

You can always keep up with my current projects, or cat photos, on my social media.

As Seen On:


  • Fandom / Coca Cola BlizzCon 2019

  • The Young Turk's What The Flick?!

  • Storage Wars

  • NBC

  • Nerd Alert

  • Geek & Sundry

  • ReedPop / Twitch.TV Official Host for C2E2, Emerald City Comic Con

  • Cosplay Coach

  • Rooster Teeth Day of Doom

  • Video Game Nation



  • Frederator

  • CBR

  • Radio-Sci Fi

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